The True Story

About those meals and hard rides

Maiali Volanti celebrates the passion for riding.

Italy – 1989
a bunch of Swedish fellows spending a wicked holiday around Garda Lake founded a wilder bike lifestyle based on great rides and delicious food.

Getting lost in the twisty Italian tracks the sweaty Scandinavian team entered almost every Osteria on its way, tasting the local delicacies was mandatory and wine run like water. Run Fast, Eat Hard.
By the end of that first superfine vacation they gained the nickname “Maiali Volanti”.

The next year the first “Maiali Volanti Tour Cup” took place around Garda Lake with many beginners and amateurs racing cross-country during a cyclocross involving stages as BBQ break-faster and Salamina finish line.

After that first glorious Tour other three editions followed in 1992 -’94 and 1997 all sharing the same lay off attitude and fervent passion for good food.

During these years they enjoyed many rough rides all around the world, but they always think back to the beloved Bel Paese and most of all to Italian maaad cuisine.

Alva, Erik, Hugo, Lars and Sten eventually hanged their bikes, but after a life-lasting dedication to the cause they handed over the mission to their closest Italian friends among a younger generation who are determined to keep Maiali Volanti spirit alive and ride on!

Yadda Yadda Yadda and be ready to Shred!

Ride On!

The Maiali Volanti Team

Eat Sleep Ride...